Technological Cooperation Between the State of Santa Catarina and Berlin-Germany for Innovation in Photonics

The Santa Catarina & Berlin Program is an agreement between FAPESC (Foundation for Research and Innovation Support of the State of Santa Catarina - Brazil) and Senate Department for Economics, Technology and research Berlin. The operation of the program is realized by BERLIN PARTNER and FOUNDATION CERTI for the promotion of Innovation with Photonics in the context of Cooperation of Innovative Ecosystems of Santa Catarina and Berlin / Brandenburg. The initiative aims to provide resources to companies and research center from both ecosystems to relate and establish joint technological cooperation activities, targeting new products, processes and systems with Photonics technologies. It seeks to cooperatively promote training activities and promote technological business.

About the Grant Announcement

The FAPESC (Foundation for Research and Innovation Support of the State of Santa Catarina - Brazil) offers a total amount of R$ 250.000,00 to companies in Santa Catarina with the purpose of structuring cooperation for innovation, involving the design of projects with Photonics technology between companies from the Berlin-Brandenburg cluster and Santa Catarina.

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Who can participate in the cooperation?

Suppliers, producers and users of components, instruments, equipment based on photonic technologies belonging to the Berlin-Brandenburg cluster that are interested in developing partnerships with companies in Santa Catarina.

Download the memorandum of understanding (MoU) if you are interested in establishing partnerships in the ambit of cooperation:

Download Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)


FAPESC is the state government agency that transfers public resources for research, innovation, human resources training and dissemination of knowledge. Financial support is usually given through public call notices, and exceptionally by spontaneous demand.


The State of Santa Catarina - Brazil

The State of Santa Catarina is located in the southern region of Brazil and its population exceeds 6 million inhabitants. The state has a subtropical climate and in historical terms, its colonization is mainly of European immigrants: the Portuguese, the Germans and the Italians. Its capital and seat of government is the city of Florianópolis.

Social indexes are among the best in the country. Santa Catarina is the sixth richest state in the Federation, with a diversified and industrialized economy. Important pole exporter and consumer, the State is one of the responsible for the national economic expansion.

The economy is very diversified and is organized in several poles distributed by different regions of the State. The diversity of climates, landscapes and reliefs stimulates the development of innumerable activities, from agriculture to tourism, attracting investors from distinct segments and allowing wealth not to be concentrated in just one area.

The Greater Florianopolis stands out in the sectors of technology, tourism, services and civil construction. The North is technological pole, furniture and metal-mechanic. The West concentrates activities of food production and furniture. The Serrano Plateau has the paper, pulp and wood industry. The South stands out for the segments of clothing, disposable plastics, carboniferous and ceramic. In the Vale do Itajaí, the textile and clothing, naval and technology industries predominate.

Tourism is another strong point of Santa Catarina's economy. In summer, the 500 kilometers of beaches framed by lagoons and the lush Atlantic Forest welcome visitors from all over the world. In winter, the Serra is the destination of those who seek a retreat to enjoy the cold. There are also options such as the European Valley and the Princes' Way, which rescue the traditions of the first immigrants from the state, and rivers and mountains where the bravest can venture into extreme sports. And also, Park Beto Carrero World, the largest theme park in Latin America.

Options such as these make Santa Catarina tourism to be recognized nationally and internationally. The Capital Florianópolis is today one of the main tourist destinations in Brazil, with beaches options for both those who like the bustle of modern life and those who seek the tranquility of the interior communities.

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